London to Paris: Some Highlights

What I thought was a deliberate place has turned out to be more than a little exhausting, as evinced by the contented snoring behind me as I write this entry.  So, in lieu of anything requiring more thought than I am able to conjure, I leave you with some of my favorite photos of the past few days (not bad for a point-and-shoot), with a promise for better exposition of our sojourn to date in the coming days.
St James Park London

St James Park

St Pancras Station, London

Balcony, Hilton Arc-du-Triomphe

Arc-du-Triomphe (Eiffel Tower background)

Cannons at Les Invalides (Eiffel Tower background)

Musée du Louvre (Fat Tire bikes foreground)

Dome of Louis XIV's private church and the site of Napoleon Bonaparte's  burial chamber 

Le Mont St Michel, Northeast view

Le Mont St Michel, East view

Poignant graffiti in the Abbey at Mont St Michel

Capital with hand clasping prayer beads (?), Mont St Michel

Your protagonists, photo by our host in Pontorson

Post office, all the small villages with beautiful churches have nearly the same post office

Medieval castle at dawn

Le Château de Chambord

View through glass, Chambord

View from the roof of Château de Chambord

Roof view, Château de Chambord

Inside the church of the Abbey that served as our accommodations in Beaugency 


  1. It looks like you two are having a completely great time. I think the photography is superb and the composition is magnificent. Have a good rest of the trip!


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