Strolling Away a Tuesday in London

View from Eros at Piccadilly Circus

Yesterday we walked to Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Parliament.  As expected Piccadilly Circus was hardly worth stopping, but we did enjoy a stroll through Burlington Arcade, a kind of covered street lined with fancy shops and ornamented by beadles who seem a bit extraneous.  I was expecting the place to feel a bit more posh, but the prices were as dear as I might have feared.

Buckingham Palace

As an American, I cannot imagine traveling to London for the first time and not visiting the home of the English monarchy, to my untraveled mind as anachronistic as it is regal.  There had recently been a small a few (thousands) of people come out to celebrate the olympians of the paralympics.  An impressive lot, but it must be said that the English seem to love a parade.

London's Lincoln Memorial
London, like Washington, has no shortage of domestic tourists.  Besides that fire of national pride that seems to be found in all men, I believe the draw of the grandeur of monarchy brings them to the gates of the palace.  As most of Americans are struck by a sense of a nobler identity when we go before the memorials of Lincoln or Jefferson, I think proximity to a sitting monarch gives many Britons pride in their national identity.

Heading down Birdcage Walk, we caught view of Big Ben (Parliament) and continued towards it finding Westminster Abbey.  Our photographic breadcrumbs ended there for the day as the battery went out on our camera.

"It's a fine clock."
My photographic skills cannot do her justice.  The church is nice too.


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