This is Why I Stopped Traveling

We paid the premium for an opportunity to excercise the upgrades I had accumulated during my brief stint as a traveling consultant. Well, about three weeks before our trip we learned The airline had deigned to allow us to use the upgrade; we were confirmed into an upgraded cabin for all but one segment of the trip. I am sitting, folded into the narrow seat, on that segment, and the captain informs us we will be on the runway for 55 minutes. A ground stop has been issued and is likely to continue long enough for us to miss our connection. At least I am with someone I love.

The Silver Lining

After the taxi back to the gate (the ground stop was extended), I immediately got on the phone with the loyalty program for the airline.  Turns out, if we missed our connection, there was no way out until Monday, or very nearly. There seemed to be no chance that we were going to make our connection.  After getting connected with a supervisor, who tried in earnest to find a solution to our dilemma, God smiled on us; the woman took pity on us, and Carly is now in First Class for our flight tonight.

That means access to the International First Class Lounge.  So, while the passengers in the flight we missed are waiting in a long queue for takeoff, we dine.


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